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Find everything from dried fruit and nuts to local handicrafts!

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You’ll know you’re truly in Central Asia when you visit the markets and bazaars in Osh, some of which have been in continuous operation for hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of years! As an important stop on the Great Silk Road, Osh welcomed traders, merchants, and travelers as an oasis of hospitality, rest, and economic activity. That spirit still lives today.

No Central Asian traveler should leave the region without experiencing the bustle and hum of activity at a local bazaar. And for the truly curious, head to an early morning animal market as locals engage in lively negotiations that are sure to entertain. Whether you’re in search of the perfect souvenir, a bag of nuts or dried fruit for your upcoming trek, spices to take home with you to make plov at home, or if you’re simply guided by curiosity, you’ll find a friendly welcome and all you need at our markets and souvenir shops.

  If you would like a customized tour of Jayma Bazaar or other markets in Osh, we can set you up with one of our WFTGA internationally certified guides or junior guides who are fluent in English, Russian or Turkish languages. Please get in touch with Destination Osh or check out the tour guide page for more details and costs  

Osh: Main Markets and Bazaars

Jayma Bazaar

Also referred to as the Osh Bazaar, this is one of the region’s oldest marketplaces, dating back 2,000 years and representing the trading legacy of the Silk Road, where traders, merchants, and travelers have converged for millennia. Wander the alleys today and you’ll still feel the unique blend of cultures as peruse stalls flush with fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts, local textiles (look for the colorful Uzbek ikat designs), traditional clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs, musical instruments, and much more. This market is a welcoming place for travelers — show your curiosity and you’ll be treated to smiles and an opportunity to taste before you buy. The market is huge, so don’t be surprised if you get lost a few times — that’s half the fun! That said, pick up a free Jayma Bazaar map from the Destination Osh Visitor Center for detailed information and a suggested route to experience the best of the the bazaar

Main entrance:

Intersection of Lenin Ave. and Navoi St., under Dostuk Bridge

Opening Hours:

Daily, 8:00 until sunset (hint: late morning is liveliest time to visit)

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