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  Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan and a natural hub for overland travelers on the Pamir Highway or anyone looking for an engaging gateway to the Pamir-Alay Mountains. It's also a natural stop for those crossing Central Asia by way of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or China. For centuries, travelers have enjoyed Osh's diverse food, rich history, and range of cultural activities. Below is a sampling of what others in the press, media, and blogosphere have had to say about their experiences in Osh, and with the Destination Osh team

  Note to visiting journalists, bloggers and vloggers: If you are planning a trip to Osh, please get in touch with us at Destination Osh prior to your visit  

Articles about Osh

72 Hours In Osh, Kyrgyzstan: A Destination Guide

Monday Bazaar

"The city oozes culture and history from its pores, and the true Central Asian hospitality fills it with a warm, welcoming energy that is unlike any other major Central Asian city that I have been to. People here, regardless of socioeconomic status or ethnicity, truly love this city, and it’s not hard to see why when you visit. Just arrive with an open mind and an open heart...and this city will welcome you with open arms just as it has welcomed me!" 

An Experiential Travel Guide to Osh: 20 Ideas to Get You Started

Uncornered Market

"For many travelers, Osh serves as a transit point en route to the Pamir Mountains, Irkeshtam Pass to China, Dostyk crossing to Uzbekistan, or the newly marked trekking trails in the Alay Mountains. However, if you’re looking to encounter a unique blend of cultures and history, lively markets, gregarious people, and a culinary scene which many Kyrgyz call their favorite, then we recommend giving Osh a closer look. "

Life as a Nomad: A Day In Kyrgyz Ata

Kel Morales, The Stan Collective

"It was such a great thing to have spent a day with the locals and be able to see what day do in their every day lives. It may have just been one day but this trip to Kyrgyz Ata has definitely felt priceless. Being able to experience first hand their culture and witnessing their games, it definitely gave us a deeper sense of appreciation on how they live their nomadic life and the traditions that they grew up with."

 How to Experience the Best of Osh, Kyrgyzstan


"Osh may not be a household name, but it probably should be. Sitting at the crossroads of the Silk Road, the second largest city in the country has been a very important place for a very long time. I quickly learned that it’s not just an interesting place to visit, but a fun one as well and I can’t imagine having traveled to Kyrgyzstan and not spending time in this dynamic city. "

Exploring the Alay Valley: Central Asia’s trekking utopia

Bradley Mayhew, Lonely Planet

"The Alay region of southern Kyrgyzstan is the kind of place mountain lovers dream about. Turquoise lakes fringed with yurts sit at the base of towering 7000m peaks, offering some of the world's most glorious mountain views at every turn. It is simply a stunning corner of Central Asia that is almost completely unknown, cheap to visit and ripe for exploration. What's the catch? There isn't one." 

Soviet Murals in Osh

Time Travel Turtle

"What is so interesting about them [Soviet murals] is the way they have been left so untouched since the Soviet Union fell apart. Most have either been left exactly as they were or just modified slightly to be more appropriate for a post-independence era. (And the way those small changes were done says a lot about modern society here in Kyrgyzstan.)"

This Kyrgyzstan city is using local culture to welcome travellers

Stephen Lioy, Lonely Planet

"Destination Osh, an organization of local tourism stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest city and traditional cultural heart, has used feedback from tourists in the 2017 season to hone new tour experiences. They are designed to immerse visitors in local culture and expose them to the diversity of the region’s food, people, and traditions." 

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