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Best Coffee Shops in Osh

Your coffee craving won't go unabated in Osh, where our coffee shops brew top-notch coffee and espresso drinks. The coffee culture in Osh is growing with the popularity of Brio, a coffee shop seemingly straight out of Seattle. The best coffee shops in Osh also serve sandwiches, sweets, and light meals. And beyond that, the vibe is also great, meaning you should plan to stay a while, relax, and enjoy your cuppa joe.

Below is a directory of the coffee shops in Osh. Select categories and filters to find coffee shops with different offerings, like vegetarian options or free wifi. If you are looking for more eating options, check out the full listing of Osh restaurants and cafes.

Highlighted listings are Destination Osh DMO members. These businesses and entrepreneurs are actively invested in promoting tourism and community development in Osh through the support of Destination Osh.