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Tour Operators and Guides in Osh

Find local guides, rent trekking gear, and organize your trip.

Osh is located in the beautiful Fergana Valley, just on the edge of the Pamir-Alay Mountains. This location makes Osh a welcoming oasis of food, accommodation, and activities for travelers planning treks and tours in the region.

Osh Travel specializes in single- and multi-day cultural and culinary experiences to the ancient towns and nearby regions. In addition, Visit Alay (local CBT) and Kyrgyz Pamir Tours offers travelers coordination of any treks in the Alay, Osh, and Batken regions, as well as a selection of trekking gear rental.

In addition, Destination Osh itself provides high quality guiding services in English, Russian and Turkish languages for travelers looking for a private guide for a half or full day customized itinerary. Atabek and Beksultan from Destination Osh are World Federation of Tourist Guide Association (WFTGA) internationally certified guides. In addition, there are internationally certified guides among the members of Destination Osh.

Recently, Destination Osh worked together with its members to conduct the training for the local guides based on WFTGA standards. As a result, now we also have a group of outstanding junior guides. If you are interested in hiring a private guide for the day so that you have maximum flexibility in your schedule, the fee for the WTFGA internationally certified guide is 3000 KGS/day and the junior guide fee is 2000 KGS/day. Just get in touch with Destination Osh and we'll organize a guide that meets your language needs, schedule and specific interests.

Below is searchable directory of tour operators and trekking agencies in Osh. These organizations and businesses can help you if you're planning any treks, day trips, or tours around Osh. Additionally, the entire team at Destination Osh can happily help plan any aspect of your trip or put you in touch with the appropriate tour operator who can.

Highlighted listings are Destination Osh DMO members. These businesses and entrepreneurs are actively invested in promoting tourism and community development in Osh through the support of Destination Osh.

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