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Maps of Osh

Downloadable and digital maps to help you navigate Osh.

No matter what the length of your visit to Osh, having a few maps of the city and its key sights is crucial. The following maps highlight features like the major sitesmarkets and souvenir shopstransport hubsDestination Osh Visitor Center, and more. Having these in hand will allow you to focus your time on enjoying the city!

Although some of this information is available online via Google Maps or Maps.me apps, sometimes a good old fashioned paper map (or digital download) is just what want you need and want. You can also find these and other maps at the Destination Osh Visitor Center (15 Gapar Aytiev Street, Osh).

Google Map of the Main Sites in Osh

Zoom in and move around the Google MyMap below to plan your route to visit the main historical sites, markets, monuments and parks in Osh. In addition, you'll see where the transport hubs, accommodation options, and restaurants are located. Big thanks to Mark Jahnke for giving us permission to use the map from his excellent 72 Hours in Osh guide.

Downloadable Map of Osh City Center

You can find many of the main attractions and sites, as well as bus stations and other practical travel details, in this Osh city map. You can also download the PDF of this Osh map.

Downloadable Map of Jayma Bazaar, Osh

Jayma Bazaar is huge, meaning that you can easily get lost in its alleys and lanes. And while getting lost in the bazaar can be fun for discovery, sometimes you know what you want and just need to get there directly. That's where the Jayma Bazaar map comes in, with the main sections of the market already highlighted and mapped out. Stop by the Destination Osh office and we'll provide you suggestions for recommended routes through the Jayma Bazaar to get the most of your visit there. 

Map of Jayma Bazaar in central Osh. Click for full size and to download.