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The information you need to plan your time in Osh.

As one of the pivotal stops on the Great Silk Road, Osh has welcomed travelers for millennia. Osh is a city where locals enjoy their life, enjoy the strollable streets, and enjoy the jumble of cultures and languages that has always made the city interesting. It's a place where travelers are not a novelty, but a fact of life.

As such, planning a trip to the city is a breeze — remember, Osh has been hosting international travelers for centuries, so the city has its finger on the pulse of hospitality and service. The city offers everything a traveler needs to dive into the local culture — food tours unlocking the multicultural flavors of Osh, day trips to ancient towns and gorgeous waterfalls, and one of the oldest bazaars in Central Asia just begging for a wander. Finally, Osh serves as the ideal planning and jumping off point for the remarkable treks in the Pamir-Alay region.

Osh has the practical details covered, too — there's plenty of accommodation for every budget and style, an abundance of amazing national and international restaurants, and easy transportation within Osh or onward to your next Central Asian adventure. Here’s what every independent traveler should know when planning how to best enjoy Osh's fascinating history, culinary offerings and experiential travel opportunities.

Osh is a city designed for travelers. This thorough resource page covers all of the practical details you'll need to plan your time in Osh. Information on how to: secure your visa and trekking permits, withdraw local currency, buy a SIM card in town, find local healthcare in Osh, and more. 

Osh is a large city, but the bulk of traveler activities are located in a fairly walkable area in the city center. The city also has very effective public transportation around the city, as well as shared and private taxis to nearby towns and villages. Use our full transportation page to learn how to use the city's marshrutkas for short- and long-distance travel, as well as how to plan your trip using the bus time-tables, transportation hubs, and more. This page covers everything you need to know to navigate Osh and the greater Osh-Alay region like a local.

Having hosted travelers for centuries, Osh does accommodation well. The city offers travelers a range of options to suite everyone from budget backpackers to suited business travelers — and a lot in between, too! From boutique hotels to guesthouses, hostels, and hotels, our accommodation listings offer a comprehensive selection of the best places to stay in Osh.

Osh's local tour operators offer visitors the opportunity to experience the best of the region with the help of a local guides to provide context, history, organizational support, and more. The nearby Pamir-Alay range is a popular destination for trekking, the region's ancient towns make for incredible multi-day historical excursions, and the city's food culture lends itself to guided tours of Osh's incredible culinary history. These tour operators offer everything you need to easily plan your time in Osh.

Many travelers visit Osh as part of a broader journey through Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. While the incredible history and food scene in Osh offer a notable stop for curious independent travelers, these other destinations across the country offer travelers a chance to dive deeper into the country's stunning mountain ranges, fascinating nomadic history, remarkable local communities, and more. When you use our recommended resources to explore Kyrgyzstan, you support a network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to using tourism to improve the lives of locals across the country.