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Photo Attribution

Copyright credit for the photos featured on Destination Osh.

Destination Osh thanks the photographers who have shared their work and allowed us to use their beautiful images throughout the website. All photographers retain their copyrights.

Stephen Lioy: A photographer based in Central Asia who travels all over. Featured on BBC Travel & Lonely Planet.

Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott: World travelers, writers, speakers. Driven by curiosity, guided by respect. Connecting the world through people, food & adventure for 10+ years, 90+ countries.

Shannon O'Donnell: A vegetarian writer, speaker, and grassroots tourism advocate who has been on the road since 2008.

Kel Morales: A photographer originally from the Philippines, who now calls Sydney home. One half of the Stan Collective team that documented an overland journey through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with special partnership from Olympus. We thank Kel for the homepage lead image.

Others: Maksim Anosov, Vadim Savin

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