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Osh Event Calendar

Find out all that's going on in the city and Osh Region.

Osh region — including the city of Osh, the Fergana Valley, and the Pamir-Alay Mountains — is a destination filled with culture, history, food, and spectacular vistas. It's also a wonderful place to live and visit. Our event calendar curates all of the best events and festivals happening in Osh, in the wider Fergana Valley, and in the villages of the Pamir-Alay Mountains. You'll never run out of things to do in town to make the most of your visit. Keep checking back for updates!

No Events on The List at This Time

Photo Gallery of Previous Events and Festivals in Osh

Enjoy a collection of photographs from previous events and festivals in Osh. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge and enjoy a scrolling through the images.