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More Things to Do in Kyrgyzstan

Discover other destinations, treks, and cultural activities.

Kyrgyzstan is a destination loaded with natural beauty. Between its nomadic tradition, its Silk Road history, and its position as multi-ethnic Central Asian crossroads, it has become accustomed to hosting and interacting with travelers. This legacy and culture are evident in both the nature of the Kyrgyz people, their welcoming culture of hospitality. , and the contours of the landscape in which they live. For independent travelers in the region, a network of organizations, businesses, and local governments have banded together to create a positive and sustainable tourism industry across the country — a tourism industry that welcomes international travelers with clear, reliable information, and an industry that also infuses money into the local economy, bringing sustainable growth and development directly to the local communities that need it most.

Once you leave Osh, a network of Travel Company and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) operate just like Destination Osh does — as nonprofits committed to providing memorable and remarkable tourism experiences across the country. Some destinations are on-the-beaten path and offer compelling, new tours for foodie travelers (we're looking at you, Karakol), while others are just emerging (hello, Jyrgalan), another offers phenomenal high-altitude trekking (that's undeniably Naryn), and still another is locally known for preserving traditional Kyrgyz nomadic cultures but is only now being discovered (that would be the cultural heart, South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul).

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Travelers in search of Kyrgyzstan's fascinating nomadic history should spend time along the South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, where locals have held tightly to nomadic traditions and culture. Not only is the lake a beautiful and relaxing location (where you can book a one-of-a-kind mobile sauna experience), but it's also home to a wide range of welcoming yurt camps, a stunningly diverse landscape, and an astonishing number of fascinating cultural activities.

Travelers who have loved the unique food experiences in Osh will fall in love with the diverse cuisine and foodie experiences offered in Karakol, a bustling town on the eastern shore of the Lake Issyk-Kul region. The city's restaurants burst with flavors, the streets of Karakol come alive with decades of crossroads multicultural influence, and it's a prime launch point for treks in the region. Karakol is engaging and vibrant and offers a surprising number of great things to see, enjoy and experience.

Jyrgalan is one of Kyrgyzstan's best kept secrets, but it won't stay that way for long. This small village emerged in 2016 as a premiere destination for horseback riding and freeride skiing in the Tian Shan Mountains. It's a beautiful village where Kyrgyz hospitality is built-in, as locals host you right in their homes and serve up home-cooked meals to fuel your treks to the nearby peaks and alpine lakes, and other  memorable outdoor adventures. You can check out their catalog of outdoor activity tours here.

Independent travelers leaving Osh often head to Naryn, a sleepy town high in the Tian Shan Mountains. The city is high on outdoor adventures, has a spectacular amount of natural beauty, and is deeply steeped in Kyrgyz traditions. Perhaps you're keen to trek — Naryn feaures a number of stunning high alpine lakes within trekking distance. Or you might want to learn the local way to craft the perfect dish of beshbarmak (a traditional Kyrgyz specialty). And no matter why you visit, you'll need to visit Tash Rabat — a 15th century roadside inn for Silk Road travelers. Naryn is a charming town where unique home stays and authentic hospitality greet travelers from the moment they arrive. 

Brochure Downloads

We've collected a series of brochures about Kyrgyzstan and its traditions, cuisine, and nature that you can download in PDF format. We hope this information further expands your understanding of Kyrgyzstan and helps you plan your adventures across our beautiful country.