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Food and Drink in Osh

Eat your way through Osh's incredible food scene.

Discover the Unique Flavors of Osh

Osh, Silk Road crossroads and Central Asia gateway, is a city long popular with travelers from across the region and around the world. Cultures here have blended, melded, shifted, and evolved for centuries. This unique composition of cultures and communities also resulted in a cuisine reflecting its melting pot of influences, whose flavors you're unlikely to find anywhere else in the world.

Recipes here once traveled the Great Silk Road, arriving with merchants and travelers who plied the route before becoming folded into the fabric of what is now the Osh culinary scene. Traditional Kyrgyz dishes that you've tasted elsewhere receive special treatment here, and local Osh specialities highlight just how good this multicultural cuisine can taste.

To truly understand Osh, you have to stay long enough to appreciate its culinary offerings. Taste the best dishes in the city on a food crawl led by an Osh local. Or learn the secret behind Osh plov on our Plov Journey — you'll join a local family and learn to prepare plov (a beloved local dish) from market to table. And if you've always admired those beautifully decorated rounds of flatbread served with Kyrgyz meals, join our fun Bread-Making Course to design, bake, and eat your own lepyoshka bread.

Below is an overview of the food, markets and restaurant information you'll need to eat your way through Osh. In addition, we also highlight a few tours for food enthusiasts which will allow you to go even deeper into the local cuisine while connect with families, local bakers and restaurants.

Osh Food Specialties

Foodies traveling through Osh should absolutely stay long enough to taste the dishes that you'll find nowhere else in the country. These Osh specialities are a highlight of the city's food scene and if you'd like a local's perspective on the best place to try each dish, join the Osh Foodie Tour, which allows you to sample many of the region's most famous dishes in just a few hours. When you're in Osh, you'll never go hungry when you enjoy these Osh specialties.

Traditional Kyrgyz Dishes

Restaurants and cafes in Osh serve as a gateway to the city's multicultural tapestry and cuisine. In Osh, you'll find international cuisine in addition to all the dishes unique to Osh. Traditional Kyrgyz dishes remain a staple of Osh cuisine. Sample any or all of these Kyrgyz dishes during your time for a true taste of the country's nomadic history.

Vegetarian Food in Osh

Osh is a city with a few key dishes that will help vegetarians enjoy a diverse and nourishing diet. Although Kyrgyz food is heavy on the meat, you won't go hungry with our Vegetarian Survival Guide, including useful phrases for vegetarians in Russian. Learn how to navigate Osh's food scene, which dishes can be safely ordered vegetarian, and how to best find the food you enjoy.

Restaurant and Coffee House Listings

Osh is Kyrgyzstan's second largest city and one filled with an incredible selection of restaurants and cafes. It's a destination built by food lovers, for food lovers. Discover the tastiest local specialties and Kyrgyz dishes (including vegetarian options), or hunt down high quality Italian, Japanese, or even comfort food from back home. Use our complete list of restaurants and coffee shops in Osh to find the perfect spot for lunch, dinner, or an afternoon coffee break.

Osh Foodie Tour

Osh is ethnically diverse, with more than 80 different ethnicities living in its city limits -- and they all contribute to a unique vibe and cuisine. Discover this diversity by tasting some of our favorite local dishes, and hear the stories behind them. Our 2.5-hour food tour offers a minimum of four tastings at a range of favorite local spots, including in restaurants, cafes, and chayhanas. You’ll quickly see — and taste — how Osh is like no other destination in Kyrgyzstan.

Plov Journey Cooking Course

Every region of Central Asia serves its own style of plov, a traditional rice, meat, and vegetable dish that simmers for hours. In this plov journey cooking course you'll first visit a local market to learn about and collect the ingredients. Then you'll join a local family at their home to learn how to cook plov. Finally, you'll enjoy a feast of the plov you just prepared, served alongside other complimentary local specialties.

Bread-Making Course

Ever tried a fresh lepyoshka, the local circular bread, straight from the tandyr (oven)? In this 90-minute bread-making tour, we offer you the opportunity to get hands on with a local baker to learn how to make lepyoshka — kneading the dough, shaping and decorating the circular loaves, creating your own design, and learning to place them in the tandyr to bake.  When the bread emerges from the oven it will be hard to resist eating it all at once. But we encourage you to try it in a local style, served with kaimak (traditional sour cream) and tea.