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Located in Southern Kyrgyzstan's fertile Fergana Valley, Osh has served for three millennia as a pivotal city in Central Asia welcoming travelers from across the world. Sacred Sulaiman-Too Mountain rises from the center of the city and once served as a beacon for Silk Road travelers and traders as they descended from the stunning Pamir-Alay Mountains nearby. From its time as a Silk Road trading hub, Osh has grown into a vibrant, multicultural city with over 80 ethnicities whose fascinating history lives on in the city's bustling bazaars, culinary traditions, and most notably its people.  Osh is so much more than a name, it's a byword for hospitality and welcome. Having hosted travelers for millennia, Osh offers a respite from your journey. No matter how far or long you've traveled to get here, Osh awaits with immersive experiences that you'll find nowhere else.

Here in Osh, travelers are more than tourists, they're friends

Discover the history. Sample the flavors. Experience the welcome

Most noted for its ancient Silk Road history, Osh is a city defined by the genuine and open welcome locals extend to travelers

  As Kyrgyzstan's second largest city, Osh offers an incredible range of things to doplaces to eat, and nearby adventures. Many independent travelers venture to the region for world-class trekking in the nearby Pamir-Alay Mountains or to plan a trip along the epic Pamir Highway into Tajikistan. Along the way, they end up fascinated by the region's ancient history, captivated by the nuanced flavors in the local cuisine, and taken by the friendly smiles greeting their every curious question  

  Osh is a city that will surprise you at every turn. If you come to Osh and fill your days with food, we won't blame you — the Osh Foodie Tour and Plov Journey stand among the city's most memorable food experiences. Or perhaps you planned to stay for a day but end up leaving days later, after diving into the Fergana Valley's rich ancient history — well, we won't tell a soul. The fact is, getting lost in Osh's historic bazaar, taking a sunrise hike to Sulaiman-Too, playing chess with elders in one of our green parks, or trekking into the mountains are activities as popular with locals as they are with tourists. So who are we to say anything more than "Welcome!" We look forward to helping you discover Osh and Kyrgyzstan

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