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Layered with centuries of ancient and Silk Road history, modern-day Osh features a fascinating interplay of cultures, cuisine, and people. Shady parks give way to Soviet-era monuments, which are just a stroll away from the region's oldest bazaar. This is a city pulsing with locals who just love their city, including its quirks, customs, and its sense of community. Discover the history of Osh, as well as the people and organizations who make it a welcoming destination for travelers and locals alike.

Osh: Our Story, Past and Present

Once a pivotal stop on the Great Silk Road, Osh in its modern-day incarnation continues to harken back to its role as an historical crossroads. During Soviet times, Osh also stood as Kyrgyzstan's southern hub for industry and trade. Today, Osh remains Kyrgyzstan's southern gateway to some of Central Asia’s best culture, food, history, and outdoor adventures.

About Destination Osh

Destination Osh is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a vibrant tourism industry in Osh, and throughout the beautiful Fergana Valley. Using tourism to benefit and serve the local population is a core component of Destination Osh's mission, which is supported by dozens of local stakeholders, including businesses and entrepreneurs committed to creating positive change in Osh. Learn more about the organization's founding, its projects, and its plans for future growth.

Meet the Team

Osh is a city defined by its people — a local population filled with diversity and guided by generations of ingrained hospitality. Meet the faces behind Destination Osh and learn the stories of the guides and hosts who lead local tours and play a pivotal role in making Osh a friendly city that meets the needs of international travelers.

Visitor Center Services

The team at Destination Osh run the Osh Visitor Center, which is designed to serve the needs of independent travelers and groups. Visit the center to book local toursorganize accommodation, obtain local maps, discuss treks, arrange local guides, and more. This is a place for travelers to feel welcome, use the free wifi and laptop as needed, and discover all the ways they can enjoy their stay in Osh.

Osh in the Press

Discover what other travelers have most enjoyed during their time in Osh. Read articles and blog posts written by guests from around the world, or immerse yourself in engaging videos and vlogs. These stories, articles, and photos will show you the sides of Osh that independent travelers love, and offer you ideas and inspiration for your own Osh itinerary.